Big man and big dog costumes; big furniture; 40 x 30cm photograph; dog walks (7 days)
Market Gallery, Glasgow, 2017

Solution for Market Gallery drew on an extended period of consultation, research and development, and responded to the complex, sometimes problematic relationships between Market Gallery (a contemporary art space run by a committee of volunteer artists) and its local audience. Market Gallery had previously occupied three units on Glasgow’s Duke Street; the delivery of the solution unfolded over a period of four weeks, in the immediate wake of Market Gallery being displaced from two of those three spaces. The two vacated spaces – owned by Reidvale Housing Association – were to be converted into a Post Office, in order to preserve what was understood to be an essential service to local residents. Accordingly, questions regarding the kind of service offered by Market Gallery, and to whom, framed Jarsdell Solutions Ltd’s operations.

The solution developed through several phases. At various points it involved: the use of the gallery as an open studio, in which big man and big dog costumes were fabricated; an exhibition, in which the gallery was transformed into an oversized domestic environment in which to display those costumes; a series of dog walks in and around Dennistoun; and a public discussion event.