35 species invasive to Germany as 35 prototype costumes

Cardboard; acrylic paint; PVC-coated wire; wall text; costume notes
Atelier Am Eck, Düsseldorf, 2019

Proposed Solution for Düsseldorf (Installation View) was made in situ in Düsseldorf. It existed in the form of an exhibition, comprising 35 prototype costumes, each based on an animal species deemed to be invasive to Germany. The prototypes were made at a variety of scales. The (unrealised) full-sized costumes would be for one, two or three people. The exhibition space was bounded and divided by wires. A list of the species, and basic notes on costume design, were provided.

By whom the costumes were to be worn, or in what context, was not stated. The nature of the problem (to which a solution was proposed) was also left unexplained.