Jarsdell Solutions Ltd was established in 2016 to provide tailor-made solutions to clients and audiences in a variety of contexts. Jarsdell Solutions Ltd engages in consultation processes to identify the specific needs of the context, before devising appropriate solutions which satisfy all stakeholders.


Proposed Solution for Düsseldorf (Installation View): 35 species invasive to Germany as 35 prototype costumes, Atelier Am Eck, Düsseldorf
Working Solution, The NewBridge Project, Gateshead

Solution for Artist’s Type Foundry, Glasgow (Glasgow International 2018)

Solution for Pauline and the Matches, Platform, Glasgow
Solution for Pester and Rossi’s Lunarnova Campout, Jupiter Artland (Edinburgh Art Festival 2017)
Solution for Pauline and the Matches, Custom Lane (Edinburgh Art Festival 2017)
Solution for Market Gallery, Glasgow
Solution for Strength, Stability and Prosperity, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow
Solution for Pester & Rossi’s Balancing Acts exhibition opening, Platform, Glasgow

Solution for Fallopé & the Tubes single launch, Glasgow
Solution for BUST OUT, Lillie Gallery, Milngavie (Glasgow International 2016)
Solution for Walker and Bromwich’s Circus Between Worlds, Caledonia Road Free Church (Glasgow International 2016)